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Plastica Thermoforming is specialized in thermoformed plastic parts. We make plastic parts by processing plastic sheets through thermoforming. We support you to come together to your desired solution.

The advantages of thermoforming at Plastica Thermoforming:

  • We thermoform both large and small series
  • Startup costs are always low
  • Our machines can measure up to 3000 x 2000 x 1000mm
  • You can count on high quality and fast delivery!
  • We use our experience to provide you with optimal support

Are you looking for high quality, low start up costs and fast delivery? Do not look any further, we thermoform your product exactly to your wishes.
Call for a good quotation: +31 (0) 164 23 60 33 or send an e-mail to


Low startup costs, thermoforming is good for your budget
Often customized small numbers mean high startup costs. However, thermoforming have the advantage that startup costs are low. As a result, it is also interesting to produce smaller numbers.

Most of the costs are often caused by the production of the required mould or die. We make the moulds and dies themselves at a very attractive price. The low production costs for moulds and dies make our startup costs attractive for smaller series.

Do you want to know exactly how we make your die or mould? Take a look at the information about creating dies and moulds for thermoforming.

Thermoforms with high quality
We closely monitor the quality of our production process. We are ISO9001: 2008 certified. This means that all our thermoform processes are focused on quality.

You only get high quality products from us. So you can use it with confidence in your (end) product.

Thermoformed plastics: almost as strong as steel
Through design, we can increase the stiffness of the product. This way we can achieve almost the same strength as steel. As an example, you can think of a corrugated board.
Plastic is the base of thermoforming. There are all kinds of plastic available. The number of colors, thicknesses and properties is infinitely large. There is a plastic that is fire resistant, plastic that looks like chrome or has a motif. Whatever your wishes are, we are cooperate with you in finding a solution.

Your product is always made of high-quality plastic. In addition, we choose the plastic to suit your requirements. This gives you a high quality product with all the good properties of plastic.

If you want to know more you might be interested to read about the plastic materials we use when thermoforming. We would also advise you to make the right choice for plastic, an additional service from the thermoforming specialist.

Questions about thermoforming? You will get a quick response

Do you have questions or would you like to request a quote for your product to be thermoformed? Please call us. Our telephone number is +31 (0) 164 23 60 33, send an e-mail to
You will always get a clear answer from us.

Do you doubt about the startup costs or the opportunities? We advise you without obligation. Your product, device or component deserves a solid solution and when it comes to plastic, we would like to think along with you.

Voorbeeld heldere thermovormen

Een voordeel van thermovormen is dat het zeer goed mogelijk is om heldere materialen te vormen! Vragen? Neem gerust contact met ons op.